Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

June 20, 2011

     Nobody really has gardens here, some people have potatoe and garlic fields though.  Our area is the largest in the mission, technically it's all the Department of Malargue, but we just stay in the city.
     The Seventy hasn't come yet, so we will see if that really happens.  In the meeting for Argentina, Boyd K. Packer spoke (his 13th time in Argentina), Neil L. Anderson, Elder Civit from the seventy, and the primary president.  They talked about staying active, paying tithing, serving missions, and going to the temple, and the Holy Ghost, it was pretty good, but the video cut out half way through so we were just listening to a lot of it. Tomorrow will be my last time with the president for interviews.  He and President Avila might be together for an hour or two on the 30th.  The change is really fast.
     Kind of a funny story about Clint, but sad too, don't make yourself sad for his bad actions.  One day we will all be ressurrected and Clint will thank you for all you did for him, for all the care and love and sacrifice that you have made for him in this life.
     The Sepulvedas still know the church is true and want to progress.   Satan has worked hard and kept them from coming to church the last 4 weeks.  Something always happens, the first two times someone in the family got sick, then their roof leaked, and then Andres' family came to visit.  They didn't get the papers done because she didnt get payed on time.  We are just continuing to work with them.  We aren't supposed to give people money for anything, but I have seen missionaries do it.
      In San Rafael (where I am now) we play soccer and eat.  It's just nice to be with other missionaries.  We havn't seen any ash in San Rafael or Malargue.  Is the volcano still going?  
       Anyway, this last week was the fastest week of my mission.  It just flew by.  Things are going good, there is always work to do.  Sometimes we just don't see the results.  None of the menos activos or investigators showed up to church on Sunday and there were several that said they would make it.  That's just how it works out sometimes.
          I don't remember too much of what happened this week.  The branch here is really weak, the Elders Quorum president has gone inactive and apparantley doesn't have ganas to do anything.  We are going to go visit him this week.  We are teaching some twins, David and Lucas they are 17 years old.  Both are very Catholic and have gone and done missionary work in other areas for a few weeks.  It's pretty sad to watch them try and explain saints and the trinity.  It's so unclear and just doesn't make any sense.  They said they were going to come to church but we went by the house and they either weren't home or didn't answer us. We told them we would go to the Catholic church if they came to ours.  Right now their interest is just in getting to know.  They really don't have any desire to investigate; they are just curious.  We are just praying  the Spirit can give them that extra push.  They are pretty cool.  I tell them my classic joke (chiste) Cual es la differencia entre una vaca y un Argentino?..... una vaca da leche, y un Argentino Dale Che.  It's because everyone in Argentina says Dale, Che!!!   (Which is like let's go, or let's move or hurry up.  It has lots of meanings. Che is this famous revolutionist in their history.  So everyone calls anyone CHE for Che Gueverra.
     Well I really can't remember a whole bunch the week just kind of all merged together. I'm way excited for interviews tomorrow.  Anyways sorry for the weak letter
Elder Wharton
P.S. What's up with Bishop McBride?

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