Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

June 27, 2011

     Well lets see, we dropped the twins because they didn't have interest.  I'm beginning to think the Seventy is not going to come.
     Interviews were great.  President told me the only reason I'm down here in Malargue is because he knows he can trust me.  He said to enjoy the time here in Malargue because it's such a special and different area.  He said we are pretty much here to make sure the church does everything right and no major apostasy happens.  We talked a little about my future after the mission, career wise. (Not as much as I would have liked though.)  President asked me if I liked my area and would be okay with staying on more traslado here.  I told him yes.  He's just way awesome; he said to contact him when I get home.
     President Avila will be here within the week, so it ought to be interesting.
     The Sepulveda family got a moto, or scooter.  Saturday we went and she said she was going to get everything ready to arrive at the church and she was excited and said the whole family would be there because they have a moto now.  Sunday came and they didn't show up.  We will go visit them tomorrow.
 The Elders Quorum president still didn't come to church.
      San Rafael was pretty fun.  We ate in a little cafe in downtown San Rafael.  We had pizza which is just different here, it's good, but not the same. I am beginning to not mind eating green olives though.
     You said you went camping in daddys big truck?  What big truck?  Which reminds me, will you send pictures of all the mowing stuff, trailer, truck, and mowers.
     Lillie looks so different now, how old is she?
     So lets see what else?   Today in the morning I tried doing pancakes and hash browns, the pancakes sucked, and I'm not sure why; they were really dense, but the hash browns were good.  Hermano Munoz took us out to a river and a mountain with a cross on it today too.  Malargue is really pretty and has lots of things to see outside of the city.  Anytime now lots of tourist are supposed to start coming for the ski  resort Las Leñas.  We have an airport here in town.  It snowed a tiny bit last Tuesday.  Here in the city, it's starting to feel like Christmas time.  I put a little tree up, and Iwrapped my bed with lights.
       We did have one surprise in church yesterday: the granddaughter of the familia Muñoz came.  She said it was the first time in like 2 years.  She has not been baptized yet.  We eat lunch with their family on Thursdays.  When I first got here she would get up and start doing the dishes when we would share a scriptue, or just leave the room.  Now she listens and comes to church so we will find out what progress there is there.
     You know the old fox shoes I brought here on the mission. I think they might last me the whole two years. They had two big holes in them but I sewed them up today, also the inserts had holes in them, so I replaced them with cereal box.
     We went to an inactive family last night, who showed us pictures of them with the missionaries and in the church and all the good times they had.  But of course they got offended and didn't have a real testimony. Now she listens to all religions and so of course she believes that donating blood is a bad thing, thanks to the JW's. I don't get how people can leave the church, especially when it's because they got offended.  I don't know if I told you about the inactive lady who I talked to on the street... well she told me she worked many years with inactives and she knows all about it, that the people aren't perfect but the church is.  She understood that by not going to church she was not fulfilling her covenant, but she said, "I won't go back."  I said well then you know what the consequence is, and she said yes.  (Meaning pretty much the loss of the celestial kingdom.)  Her pride was so strong she was not willing to go to church to renew her covenant with God.  There are so many inactives here. I think some real apostasy must have happened a few times, because I don't know how else you can go from 120 active members down to about 30.  Anyway, it just helps me to know and see that I never want to leave the church.  It builds my testimony more in the church not in the other members.
        Speaking of, how are things back in the home ward?   About how many actives are there?
Anywho... I love you all.  Thanks for all your prayers, letters, and examples.
Elder Wharton

P.S. Now that the dune buggy sold, how much money am I short to pay for my mission?

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