Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

July 4, 2011

So, I'm still here in Malargue but not sure if I will see change or not.  They still haven't called us.   All the Sepulvedas came to church.  We had six in church on Sunday, which called for honorable mention in the mission news.  No one else is really progressing.
I totally forgot that today was the Fourth of July.  Yeah freedom!  Yeah America!  I haven't spoken or heard anything from President Avila.  The change of mission Presidents has been pretty much unnoticable.  Not even any emails from him or anything.
 We had all the Videla (Sepulveda) Family, Tamara Munoz, and Hermana Ortiz in church.  The only thing holding back the Videlas/Sepulvedas is that they aren't married.  They need to start trying a little harder.  If they pushed themselves they could have been married by now.

So one lesson we had was kind of cool or interesting this week.  We got into a house where the parents are inactive members but none of the kids are members.  The kids were the only ones home.  They were all teenagers;  3 boys and 1 girl.  They were all smoking and the house was full of smoke.  At first they laughed and made little comments.  But I was really straight with them.  I said look, we're kids just like you but there are more important things in life than just hanging out with friends,  I told them that God was the most important thing.  And by the end of our lesson one of them said the prayer.  They were asking questions, and they were answering our questions.  I said to them, look at yourselves, we're all talking about God, pretty cool.  We talked a little more with them about what things were interested in and what the diffence is between cumbia and reggaeton.

Another pretty good lesson was a guy who (outside of his house) asked us why do people call you Mormons?  We started to explain and he said you know what, come on in.  So we went and talked to him his son, and his wife about where the Book of Mormon came from and about prophets.  He said I had no idea about prophets today.  So, I showed him some scriptures in the Bible that talk about the function and neccesity of prophets.

So it's way cold down here.  I'm not sure what the tempurature is.  I just know its super cold.  It has only lightly snowed once in the city.  But several times up in the mountains; they are covered with snow.

We found a sweet place to eat the other week; it's called Barneys Panchos (in other words Barneys Hot Dogs.  And it's Barney as in big purple dinosaur.  They have real Mexican salsa, then I ask for their other chile sauce and hot dog and mayo and their other chile sauce, with little french fries on top and the hot dog is wrapped in cooked ham and melted cheese.  It's way good.  Food is kind of a big part of the mission.  We bought empanadas from a guy who everyday he rides his bike up and down the streets in town yelling, "EMPANADAS... EMPANADITAS...CALENTITAS.... EMPANADAS."  My comp remarked if he did that in the states he would have a movie made about him and his dedication.  I so far haven't had that much weird food.  Blood sausage and the other day an older lady that makes lunch for us and lets us take the pot home and eat it, decided to throw cow stomach in with rice and potatoes.  The first piece wasn't that bad, then the second, then after the 3rd I decided it wasn't very good.  It's been sitting in the fridge untouched ever since.  When we make food in the pench it's usually noodles, sometimes we do spaghetti, and garlic bread.  The crepes were great, just like momma makes 'em.  Today I actually went and did crepes for some of the members.  They liked them, but they didn't get the difference between them and pancakes.

President Rastelli the 1st couselor in the mission presidency came out to Malargue and spent church here.  We didn't hear his class because we were teaching our investigators in the other class.  But it was fast and testimony meeting, and as soon as he realized that we had investigators in church, he was up bearing his testimony, which was perfect and simple.  We could tell that it was specifically aimed to the familia Videla.  Afterwards he came and introduced himself and talked with them a little bit.

Other than that not much new.  Just keep praying for the Familia Videla.  Hope all is well back home.  I will send pictures when I can get to a faster computer.
Elder Wharton

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