Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

Monday, April 18, 2011

March 28, 2011

    So I don't have a ton of time but I will try and answer your questions. One person from the four of Villavicencio's came to church this Sunday her name is Antonella and she has fifteen years.  She seemed to enjoy church so we are going to try to get her to general conference and then baptize her.  It might be difficult though because she only comes to stay with her grandma on the weekends.   The people that asked lots of questions we haven't been able to talk to them but we will soon.  We have found all these people by knocking doors--usually it's clapping though. Right now we only have Antonella as our progressing investigators.
           I will get more pictures with people the day before I leave the area.  That's when I will go visit them, tell them I am leaving, and take pictures with them.  I might have had my last asado yesterday because the family who feeds us asado has a wedding coming up, and I might leave this area before we go back.
         For general conference I'm not sure what's going to happen but I will tell you next week.  I am still doing my personal and comp studies, sometimes it's hard because there is so much I want to study but not enough time, and I haven't decided whether to do it in Spanish or English, when it's Spanish, I get less out of it, but I'm sure with time I will understand a lot more.
         My testimony is good.  I know that Joseph Smith restored this the true church and that Christ is at the head.  I know that God lives, knows, and loves me personally, and that challenges are given to us so that we can become stronger.  I believe that the mission is the best place for a teenager to be. 
          We haven't moved yet.  I can get socks here if I need them.  I have given up on the Propets brand shoes until I can find and buy some shoe inserts.    The blog thing looks cool, do friends and family know about it?
         You will have to ask Kurt how my Spanish is, I wrote him a letter and part was in Spanish.  You speak pretty well though.
         The bee sting is fine.  I'm doing good, will you remind me next week to write about Baby. And sorry but I probably won't use the recipes they are too difficult and I don't even think I could get all the ingredients down here. I haven't had hot food since I've been here.  In all the fruit and vegatable places I haven't seen one jalepeno.
Anyways love you and thanks for your letter.  Hope I answered most of your questions.
Elder Wharton

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