Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 4, 2011

     How's it going up in cold Utah?  So here it is still pretty hot but a lot nicer than 118 degrees.  Well general conference was awesome, although I think that to follow the prophet I am going to have to look for a wife a little sooner than what I was planning.  Conference was really awesome.  I listened to all the sessions and only fell alseep during one speaker.  I made sandwiches and drank coke during the first session.  It was also really dissapointing; all of our investigators knew about conference and we spent three days just focusing on telling people about conference and none of them came.  So that wasn't so cool, but there isn't much I can do but keep on working and finding better more commited people to teach.
     I don't think that I will be getting a Latin comp this next transfer either.  The ZL told me that the mission doesn't have a lot of Latins so chances are I won't get one.  I have a feeling that I will be staying in this area for another transfer with the same comp Elder Allen.  I'm ok with that because he and I get along really well.  We have some people that seem pretty good right now too.  So, if I stay maybe we will be able to get some baptisms.  I will find out what happens next Monday night, so you guys will probably know in two weeks.
     Well the familia Contreras is really flojo but we put a baptismal fecha with her friend her name is Andrea and her mom died several years ago.  We told her she could be baptized and then do baptisms for the dead for her mother.  There was also a reference we received this week named Fabian, his dad died on Friday, and he was having a really hard time with it.  Hopefully this will be a time when he can accept the gospel.
     I did divisions with another kid from the zone this week.  He and his comp don't put very many fechas but here in our mission we are supposed to put a fecha bautismal the first lesson that we have.  The day of divisions I put 3 of them pretty much on my own.  It sure helped me to feel like I was doing well, for the small amount of time I have.  Speaking of time I will complete six months in the mission this Wednesday.
     We watched conference in English (all the Amercian elders and some of the Latins that spoke English) in an upper room in the church.  I'm grateful for that because I actually get to hear the prophets voice.
     I have gotten to know my area pretty well and most of the ward members too.  Have I mentioned that I hate alcohol and how the Catholic Church slows the work. Speaking of, I went to misa the other week not sure if I told you that or not.  But we just watched them recite a bunch of memorized prayers. It was good becasue then when people say, "No I'm Catholic,  we say,  "That's ok we went to misa last week!"
      We finally went back to this lady named Silvana who is awsome.  We shared the restoration with her because she said she already knew the plan of salvation.  She loved the Book of Mormon and she was so excited and anxious to learn more about Christ coming to America.  She should do really well, but she always leaves town on Sundays, kind of hard to progress if you don't go to church.  Anyway she lived in LA for a while. so it's kind of fun to talk to her about the cultures.
     Oh and one story.  So one of the fechas that I put was with a guy in another area during transfers.  He told us that he has a drug problem and that he wants to change but doesn't know how.  So we talked to him about baptism and how he can wash away his sins and start over and have the Spirit to help him with his addiction.  He gladly accepted the fecha and seemed excited to read and prepare for his fecha.  About two hours later we were walking by a different house and he was outside and wasted.  He yelled at us "I'm really drugged right now."  It was really sad to see that just hours after that he had given right back in.  But maybe the other missionaries can still help him get baptized.
     Anyways, thanks for your letters and pictures of all the snow, that's really crazy.   Love you all and thanks for selling the dirt bike.
Elder wharton
ps  How much money do I still have to pay for the mission?

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