Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 6, 2011

 So lets see if I can remember any of your questions. 
     Yeah the time flies really fast, today is my 1/3 mark!  That still means I have a lot left, but it's crazy how fast the last 8 months have gone.  The rama is alright here; there are definitely improvements that could be made such as home teaching and more people having callings, but they have apparently improved a ton.  Next week is a special broadcast to all of Argentina from the Apostles and First Presidency, so that's pretty exciting!  We might have an area Seventy visit the rama.  We are still teaching the Sepulvedas; he needs some documents to get married and his daughter just needs a review of what she's learned, the daughter will probably be baptized this or next Saturday.
     I like doing service, it's relaxing to me.  I actually really enjoy doing manual labor in the mission, because it's really rare we get to do much. All the service I have ever done in my mission is for members, usually people here won't accept help but members sometimes will because they understand.
     The woman with mental disabilities we are going to go over there with a member and get his opinion on it.
     I finished Jesus the Christ and I will finish the BOM again in about 14 days, I have started reading Acts and I'm going to finish the New Testament.  I want to start reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish cover to cover.
    Each day it varies a lot how much we walk but I think one day we marked it and it was like 13 miles but that was a lot.
     It's cold in the apartment, but at night I sleep fine we have plenty of blankets, and we have a little electric heater we turn on in the room before we go to bed.  It's just in the morning and at night the kitchen and study rooms are cold.  I just need to bundle up is all.
     The main reason I don't use the debit card,  I don't have anything to spend money on.  I don't think my comp has a sleep disorder, he does snore sometimes though.  The other night he was kneeling on his bed praying, and he prays for a really long time but then like 10 minutes into his prayer he started snoring.  He often falls asleep during his personal prayer.
     I think Hermana Perez would do a card for free we just have to spend the time to tell her what we want.
    Anyways we have started English classes I don't really do anything but be there my comp likes doing it. We will see how much success we have with it.  So, this week I invited a rather punk looking  kid to the English classes he said,  "Wow it's like you fell from the heavens.  I need help with my English."   It was just funny to me that he said, it's like you fell from the heavens.
     Oh and last night President Lindahl called and told us to write you and inform you (if you have heard anything about the volcano) that we are really far away from it, like 200 miles.  Apparently there is a volcano  spewing a bit of  lava, but I haven't heard anything about it other than that.  He just doesn't want our parents thinking we are in danger of dying from a volcanic eruption.  Anyways that's all I can really think of this week.
Love you all, thanks for everything!
Con Amor,
Elder Wharton

Chile volcano keeps spewing ash, grounding flights across South America

Chile volcano ap june 12
The Puyehue volcano on the border between Chile and Argentina continued to spew ash over the Andes and Patagonia regions of South America on Tuesday. The eruption is now entering its 11th day and shows no sign of stopping.
Flights were grounded from Argentina to Australia and New Zealand as ash clouds that could harm jet engines blanketed the region and moved west across the South Pacific. Flights were also being canceled in Santiago, Chile's capital (link in Spanish), as well as in Brazil and Uruguay.
The Associated Press said "booming explosives echoed across the Andes" on Monday as ash and lightning rose from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic complex, which is in southern Chile just west of the border with Argentina. Activity at the volcano began on June 4. Thousands of nearby residents have been evacuated.

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