Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mon, 14 Mar 2011

So, I think my new comp, Elder Allen has brought a new energy into the area. It's weird, the week before I felt like there was nothing to do and no one interested and now it seems like there are lots of people to teach.  The key will be getting them to understand and feel the importance of the gospel enough to get them to act by going to church.
       Let's see nothing really crazy happened this week, but I was talking to a young kid in a park and I could hear all of his friends behind me laughing and saying stuff, so I asked the kid, "Do you want me to talk to your friends?" He smiled and said yes, so I turned around and started towards his friends.  One of the kids took off running and others darted behind people.  At first they were scared but then they realized I was just going to talk to them, so I invited them to listen to missionaries.  They didn't really listen to a word I said.
       Elder Hyer I don't know that well, he is just starting out as a zone leader so he is trying to learn.  I haven't talked to Familia Cricco this week.  But no progress has happened because I haven't seen them in church.
        Only one member of the Familia _______ came and he doesn't even live in the house, he hasn't been there for any of the lessons.  We have decided not to go to them very much, because they say they want to do better but they don't even try.  We had lunch with them last week and the dad poured himself some wine right in front of us.  So when I shared the scripture,  I also, “ bajared the canya,” or “dropped the cane,” which is like told them how it is.   I told them that as missionaries we can't help them; they know what they have to do to come back, and all they have to do is start doing the simple things.
         On Friday, at Familia ______’s we just ate raviolis and chicken, so I guess I was saved. (Didn't have to eat cow testicles after all!)         

I will be washing my socks in a bucket for a bit.
We are teaching some people that used to live in the states but they always go out of town on Sundays so we have to work on that.

Anyways love you all.
Elder Wharton

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