Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hello All,
    So I got a lot of letters but I figure I better write you all first.   It sounds like the world is going crazy, now the US is involved in Libya, and you are talking about regimes that I have never heard of, I thought it was just the Taliban.  I have heard of the nuclear stuff in Japan though.  That will probably have some damaging effects.
     Anyways good to hear from you. I will start just writing you back about my week and answering your questions instead of responding to everything.  I love your letter, I laughed several times.
     So, last week we found some pretty awesome people, especially the familia Villavelencio.  We put four fechas with the four that were there and they all seemed really excited, and understanding about the restoration.  They couldn't come to church yesterday because of a kinsenera (quinceanera) (not sure if that's how you spell it, the fifteen year old girl party).  But they will be able to come next week, and then to conference.  I'm way excited for conference.  I have heard lots of good things about conference in the mission.
      So lets see, last week we also talked to a lady and her husband who had tons of questions about the Mormons, which is the best, I love answering peoples doubts about our faith.  They asked about tithing, the mission, baptism. They thought that Mormons all had to be in bed by ten, not just the missionaries.
      There really are so many things that I could tell you but there really isn't enough time.  The key will be writing in my journal, which I have done pretty good but I'm sure when I'm done with the mission I will wish I had done better.
    Oh and Austin Walker told me he got his mission call, to Sao Paulo Brazil.
  This blog thing might be pretty good maybe you could give the blog website to my friends and family and then they could go and read my letters and then write me through you.
    I think we might have to start looking for a new pensh though because our prices are about to go up.
Me and my comp are doing really well, we get along great and I'm speaking a lot more, but I really thought I would be a lot better at Spanish at this point in my mission than I am.  I guess having a Latin comp might help with that.
        We talk to lots of people all day, it's pretty fun when you get into houses and can talk with people, become their friend and learn about them.  And best of all is when they understand the gospel.
          One funny thing that happened was there was a lady who I talked to and she said she didn't want to change religions because she didn't want to disappoint her parents, so I kind of told her that what God wants might be a little more important.  She didn't get that and she was just talking so I said you're just like the Lamanites, and she said "claro" and kept on talking so that was kind of a lost cause.
      I got stung by a bee this morning, it flew on my head when I was sleeping, and then I moved it with my hand and it stung me.. that woke me up real quick.
       There is so much to tell you but I really don't have time, so hopefully next week I will have more time.   Hopefully my friends see this letter but I want Spencer to know that I have gotten his letters and haven't had time to send my letters back.  And tell Michael that I am proud of him.
Anyways I put pictures up of the bat that was in our pensh, and the huge hot dogs, mom will die when she sees those ones.  All of my neices need to stop growing, Kylee looks completley different, and is she wearing makeup?  What the heck?  And Lillie has tons of hair!
Anyways love you.  Talk to you next week.
Elder wharton

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